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Welcome to the Other Minds Webstore!

Our website is completely secure for online transactions, but, if you prefer, you may print the order form and fax it to 415.934.8136, or simply phone in your order to 415.934.8134, or use our toll-free number, 877.934.8134
(US & Canada only).

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CDs on the Other Minds label

The Virtuoso Pianolist: Rex Lawson Plays Les Noces, etc. $12.00
OM 1001-2

Conlon Nancarrow: Lost Works, Last Works $15.00
OM 1002-2

Antheil Plays Antheil $21.00
OM 1003/4-2
Ego Scriptor Cantilenae/The Music of Ezra Pound $20.00
OM 1005-2
10 + 2:12 American Text Sound Pieces $15.00
OM 1006-2
Amy X Neuburg: Residue $15.00
OM 1007-2
George Antheil - The Complete Works for String Quartet $15.00
OM 1008-2
Ned Rorem - Songs of Ned Rorem $15.00
OM 1009-2
John Cage - Solo for Voice 58 (18 Microtonal Ragas) $15.00
OM 1010-2
Kui Dong - Hands Like Waves Unfold $15.00
OM 1011-2
Del Sol String Quartet - Ring of Fire $15.00
OM 1016-2
Conlon Nancarrow - Studies for Player Piano $35.00
OM 1012/15-2
Marc Blitzstein - First Life $15.00
OM 1017-2
  Since When
Kui Dong: Since When Has the Bright Moon Existed? $15.00
OM 1018-2