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Errollyn Wallen, Ellen Ruth Rose, Micharl Orland

Julian Priester, Alvin Lucier, Mary Ellen Childs,
Luc Ferrari, Linda Bouchard

Back row, left to right: Susan Radcliff,
Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari, Alvin Lucier, Errollyn Wallen, Jim Newman, Julian Priester, Charles Amirkhanian; Front row: Linda Bouchard, António Pinho Vargas, Sam Rivers, Luc Ferrari, Mary Ellen Childs; On floor: Margaret Leng Tan

On stage at the Cowell Theatre, from left to right:
Charles Amirkhanian, Errollyn Wallen,
Sam Rivers, Julian Priester, António Pinho Vargas, Alvin Lucier, Luc Ferrari,
Mary Ellen Childs, Linda Bouchard

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