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Paul D. Miller, Hyo-shin Na, Aki Takahashi,
Leroy Jenkins, Christian Wolff, Hamza el Din,
Robin Rimbaud (on ground),
Peter Garland, Jacob ter Veldhuis

Back row, left to right: Jacob ter Veldhuis,
Hamza el Din, Hyo-shin Na, Robin Rimbaud,
Paul D. Miller, Carl Stone; Front row:
David Lang, Leroy Jenkins, Aki Takahashi,
Annie Gosfield, Peter Garland;
Foreground: Christian Wolff

On stage at Theater Artuad, from left to right:
Ji Young Yi, Christian Wolff, Jacob ter Veldhuis,
Aki Takahashi, Robin Rimbaud, Hyo-shin Na,
Paul D. Miller, David Lang, Leroy Jenkins,
Annie Gosfield, Peter Garland,
Hamza el Din, Carl Stone

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