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The music of Catherine Lamb (b. 1982) is both enigmatic and intimately expressive. Lamb studied at California Institute of the Arts with James Tenney, Michael Pisaro, and Stephen "Lucky" Mosko, and has also studied in depth Indian classical music, at CalArts and in a six-month residency in Pune. Her work to date exploits familiar western ideas such as harmonic progression and motif-based melodic development, but explores these materials in the unfamiliar milieu of Eastern aesthetics. Her use of drone-like tones, extended durations and silences, and gradual processes evoke an experience both meditative and ecstatic.

Lamb was recently featured with a full concert of her music at Microfest 2007 in Los Angeles, and will be releasing a recording on the Cold Blue label soon. She is an active composer, violist, and teacher in Los Angeles, and has received recent commissions from ensembles including the Wholesale Orchestra, Ensemble Green, and the Guthrie and Streb Duo, as well as experimental animator Song E. Kim and violin maker Michael Fischer.

Excerpts from the music of Catherine Lamb:

Lamb, viola

Invisible Line

Christa Graf, violin; Cassia Streb and Catherine Lamb, violas; Jessica Catron and April Guthrie, cellos; Oliver Newell, bass

Live recordings from Microfest 2007: Alchemy/Bloom, June 9, 2007 at The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, California